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It's all about the choices we make in life...

What we get out of life, is directly proportional to what we put it...


Thursday, 19 May 2011

What is your world view?


Friday, 29 April 2011

The Birthers' Bazaar - they say timing is everything...

Prior to President Obama's publication of his birth certificate, last Wednesday (27th April 2011), this book is/was due to be published on 17th May 2011

As you can see from the book's cover, its author, rabid Republican and doyen of the US 'Birther' movement, is one Jerome Corsi - he an habitué of that Birthers' bazaar and stridently conservative website, World News Daily (WND) - a site so right wing that Attila the Hun would be considered a dangerous pinko liberal.

Like his fellow WND stalwarts, Corsi (pictured left)'s a man who has a curious relationship with facts and reality - so curious, in fact, that it embraces being downright tenuous. Indeed, Wikipedia describes Corsi's output as being prone to "numerous factual errors" - but why submit to facts when you've an allegedly factual book to promote?

As with many things in life, they say timing's everything: and were the WND Birther Borg and Corsi to be considered actual journalists, then they themselves might have shown some journalistic integrity and admitted defeat on this score - alas, they're both from the lunatic fringe of the Birther movement and won't let facts (like the production of Obama's birth certificate) get in the way of a 'good' story. Expect to see this publication out on its due date next month.

That being the case, here's the email I've just sent to Corsi, WND Editor-in-Chief, Chairman & CEO, Joseph Farah, and his wife(?) and WND's Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Elizabeth Farah:

From: Bren Tierney
Sent: 29 April 2011 17:23
To: ''
Cc: ''; ''
Subject: Pulped Fiction

My Dear Mr Corsi,

Just a quick note regarding your entire-print-run-about-to-be-pulped ‘Birther’ tome: ‘Where’s the Birth Certificate? – The Case that Barak Obama is not Eligible to be President.’

I’m guessing that right about now that your publisher, WND [what’s that, ‘Weapons of No Destruction’?] Books, are ruing the day they agreed to your manuscript?

Never mind, I believe your two other works of fiction can be found in the penny bins at gas stations the length and breadth of the US, so that must come as some comfort, eh?

In naval parlance, and what with Wednesday’s announcement and publication of his birth certificate,  Mr Obama has well and truly spiked your guns – what with your book due to hit the stands on 17th May. Oops…

What you and your Birther backers at WND fail to understand, in your ceaseless exertions at self-promotion (regardless of the veracity and provenance of your collective output – I can’t call it ‘journalism’), is that you make the US look like a backwards nation: one where mere personal opinion and fact-free, bumper-sticker rhetoric is confused and conflated with what we, outside the US, know as ‘facts’. Indeed, with very little effort on your part, you’ve managed to secure equal billing with that other rampant lune, Orly Taitz.

Apropos the new book, there may be some immediate consolation: if it’s not pulped as now being proven both wrong and redundant, people can buy it in bulk and not have to worry about running out of toilet paper for at least six months. You may get one or two rye comments as to the properties of its absorbency and lack of quilting, but hey, at least it’ll be cheap and readily disposable – especially as the only way you’ll be able to shift it from the shelves is to give it away free.

So, what’s next for you? A book on how Nelson Mandela supported the Apartheid regime? No? How about one on how Lavrentiy Beria and Joseph Stalin were both merely ‘misunderstood care givers’? Still not grabbing your fancy? OK, how about one on ‘The Functional Illiteracy of GW Bush’? Actually, thinking about it, that would mean straying from your usual fiction genre and be too much of a stretch in credulity – even for you.

Anyhow, it’s been a gas watching you and WND making public poltroons of yourselves. Do keep up the good work – satirists on this side of the herring pond do so treasure the opportunity for good source material.


Bren Tierney


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Memorable Dates in History - Volume #7

To the man to whom we are all in debt (most of us, quite literally)


Friday, 18 March 2011

Grammar sends a sexually suggestive open letter to the world.


Wednesday, 9 March 2011

How the Tea Party still views America


Friday, 4 March 2011

What every well-dressed Egyptian Revolutionary is wearing this Season - Headgear

Down with despots and tyrants!

Rejecting the couture overtures of John Galliano, this is what the well-dressed Egyptian revolutionary is wearing this season...

So, just to outline here – these are makeshift helmets made by the Egyptians whilst scrapping to get rid of one Hosni Mubarak Esq. (late Egyptian dictator, 'retired').

Ah, here we go - your classic 1979 ‘Tribottle-with-Rag’ helmet – a must in any type of urban revolutionary combat. In the cranial protection-from-bricks department, this rates highly.

A late 80s' ‘box-hat-and-faux-turban’ ensemble - although, note that the bloke next to him doesn’t appear too convinced of its effectiveness.

And here's something seen all too seldom nowadays: a renaissance period piece of anti-brick wear millinery, teamed with his mum's black and cream scarf. Textbook.

And now we're seeing some archetypal revolutionary reverie - although I'm not sure that that tuna-mayo sandwich he's about to launch [or should that be 'lunch'?] is gonna cause too much destruction (maybe the panini is mightier than the sword?) Either way, this chap's sporting the old skool 80s' broken bin helmet. Hard core. I personally love the fact that he needs to lift it up to see –  but it does beg the question: does he spend the rest of the time walking in to things? Note to revolutionary newbies: for daytime wear only!

Textbook "sauce-panning", nicely set off with water-skiing life-jacket and surgical mask combo. This chap obviously brooks no shenanigans from secret police types.

I literally have no idea what this is. Answers on a postcard to the usual address please... Big Mac and large fries to the person with the best guess.

And here's the winner by a country-mile. This bloke is  no slouch when it comes to the revolutionary catwalk and has obviously seen action before - his front-line credibility showing through in spades, here, as he goes to war with not one, but two baguettes strapped to his ears, and a chicken salad roll Sellotaped to his forehead. I’d definitely wanna be behind him if someone began raining bricks and rubber bullets down on me. 



Monday, 28 February 2011

And the Oscar goes to... The President's Speech

This has done more to rehabilitate Mike Tyson than The Hangover...


Monday, 21 February 2011

Do you think Col Gaddafi has had 'any work done'?

 BEFORE: at an 'Imelda Marcos sings Liberace' concert in Vegas
(nice shade of blue eye shadow, btw, Gaddy, set off well by the earrings)

After his initial procedure... sans make-up this time...


Pictures courtesy of the Libyan National Archive.

Breaking News - Church of Scientology steal John Travolta's Wig!

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