Friday, 18 March 2011

Grammar sends a sexually suggestive open letter to the world.


Wednesday, 9 March 2011

How the Tea Party still views America


Friday, 4 March 2011

What every well-dressed Egyptian Revolutionary is wearing this Season - Headgear

Down with despots and tyrants!

Rejecting the couture overtures of John Galliano, this is what the well-dressed Egyptian revolutionary is wearing this season...

So, just to outline here – these are makeshift helmets made by the Egyptians whilst scrapping to get rid of one Hosni Mubarak Esq. (late Egyptian dictator, 'retired').

Ah, here we go - your classic 1979 ‘Tribottle-with-Rag’ helmet – a must in any type of urban revolutionary combat. In the cranial protection-from-bricks department, this rates highly.

A late 80s' ‘box-hat-and-faux-turban’ ensemble - although, note that the bloke next to him doesn’t appear too convinced of its effectiveness.

And here's something seen all too seldom nowadays: a renaissance period piece of anti-brick wear millinery, teamed with his mum's black and cream scarf. Textbook.

And now we're seeing some archetypal revolutionary reverie - although I'm not sure that that tuna-mayo sandwich he's about to launch [or should that be 'lunch'?] is gonna cause too much destruction (maybe the panini is mightier than the sword?) Either way, this chap's sporting the old skool 80s' broken bin helmet. Hard core. I personally love the fact that he needs to lift it up to see –  but it does beg the question: does he spend the rest of the time walking in to things? Note to revolutionary newbies: for daytime wear only!

Textbook "sauce-panning", nicely set off with water-skiing life-jacket and surgical mask combo. This chap obviously brooks no shenanigans from secret police types.

I literally have no idea what this is. Answers on a postcard to the usual address please... Big Mac and large fries to the person with the best guess.

And here's the winner by a country-mile. This bloke is  no slouch when it comes to the revolutionary catwalk and has obviously seen action before - his front-line credibility showing through in spades, here, as he goes to war with not one, but two baguettes strapped to his ears, and a chicken salad roll Sellotaped to his forehead. I’d definitely wanna be behind him if someone began raining bricks and rubber bullets down on me. 


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