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Obama - according to the Confusedniks of the Tea Party

So, according to the Tea-hadists, Obama's a ...

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Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to All

Well Folks, as 2010 draws to its inexorable close, and having been not without its ups-n-downs for some of us, I'm sure, Fiona and I would like to wish you and yours all the very best for Christmas and The New Year - I'm on holiday now until early January, and can't make any concrete promises in the sobriety stakes, so let the festivities begin (if they haven't done already in your neck of the woods!) Enjoy!


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WikiLeaks - the natural question?


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Tea Party's vision of Healthcare


Have a Happy GOP Christmas


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History - as Taught by The Tea Party

Rupert Murdoch is now funding educational materials in the US. Strap in for the ride!

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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

If World War One was a fight in a pub...

If World War One was a fight in a pub...

Germany, Austria and Italy are standing together in the middle of a pub when Serbia bumps into Austria and spills Austria's pint.

Austria demands Serbia buy it a complete new suit because there are splashes on its trouser leg. Germany expresses its support for Austria's point of view.

Britain recommends that everyone calm down a bit. Serbia points out that it can't afford a whole suit, but offers to pay for the cleaning of Austria's trousers.

Russia and Serbia look at Austria. Austria asks Serbia who it's looking at. Russia suggests that Austria should leave its little brother alone. Austria inquires as to whose army will assist Russia in compelling it to do so.

Germany appeals to Britain that France has been looking at it, and that this is sufficiently out of order that Britain should not intervene. Britain replies that France can look at who it wants to, that Britain is looking at Germany too, and what is Germany going to do about it?

Germany tells Russia to stop looking at Austria, or Germany will render Russia incapable of such action. Britain and France ask Germany whether it's looking at Belgium. Turkey and Germany go off into a corner and whisper. When they come back, Turkey makes a show of not looking at anyone. Germany rolls up its sleeves, looks at France, and punches Belgium.

France and Britain punch Germany. Austria punches Russia. Germany punches Britain and France with one hand and Russia with the other. Russia throws a punch at Germany, but misses and nearly falls over.

Japan calls over from the other side of the room that it's on Britain's side, but stays there. Italy surprises everyone by punching Austria. Australia punches Turkey, and gets punched back. There are no hard feelings because Britain made Australia do it.

France gets thrown through a plate glass window, but gets back up and carries on fighting. Russia gets thrown through another one, gets knocked out, suffers brain damage, and wakes up with a complete personality change.

Italy throws a punch at Austria and misses, but Austria falls over anyway.

Italy raises both fists in the air and runs round the room chanting.

America waits till Germany is about to fall over from sustained punching from Britain and France, then walks over and smashes it with a barstool, then pretends it won the fight all by itself.

By now all the chairs are broken and the big mirror over the bar is shattered. Britain, France and America agree that Germany threw the first punch, so the whole thing is Germany's fault . While Germany is still unconscious, they go through its pockets, steal its wallet, and buy drinks for all their friends.


Thursday, 14 October 2010

You might be a Republican if...

1) You believe that Bush's redistribution of middle-class tax cuts to the top 1% of tax-payers was good for America, but Obama's plan to return it to the middle class is 'socialism.'

2) You believe stem cells are living human beings, but thousands of Iraqi children are 'expendable collateral damage.'

3) You believe tax cuts for billionaires is a great idea, yet you wonder why the economy has stalled, your job just got outsourced to India, and oil company executives receive $400,000,000.00 retirement packages as they cut pensions for their labour force.

4) You believe that the surge worked because the violence in Iraq is back to 2006 levels, which is only horrible, compared to what it was in 2007; intolerable. Besides, Brit Hume said so.

5) You think trial lawyers are harmful to America, but you support prosecuting some guy in Muncie Indiana who burned his 99¢ American flag that was made in China by forced child labor.

6) You're all for the 'rule of law' when it's applied to Bill Clinton for lying about his infidelity, but not for prosecuting Karl Rove and Scooter Libby for committing treason.

7) You think George W. Bush is actually a really smart guy, but his folksy mannerisms just makes him seem dumb.

8) You believe that those privileged from birth achieve success all on their own, and that those who are born to poverty and never have opportunities for advancement, got what they deserved.

9) You believe Ronald Reagan was a great president who had complete control of all aspects of government, and that Iran-Contra Affair was an insignificant scandal that went on without his knowledge.

10) You believe Democrats tax and spend, but George W. Bush was a fiscal conservative.

11) You believe Oliver North, who was convicted of perjury, obstruction of justice, destroying evidence and accepting bribes is a patriot, but John Kerry, who saved a man's life while under enemy fire in Vietnam is a coward.

12) You believe George W. Bush has kept us safe from terror, and that the failure to prevent the 9/11 attacks were Clinton's fault.

13) You actually believe Fox News is fair & balanced.

14) You still believe Saddam had truckloads of WMDs, and that he somehow managed to sneak them into Syria, right under our noses.

15) You believe Terri Schiavo was sentient all along, and that Bill Frist had the ability to diagnose her condition by watching a 5 second video of her sleeping.

16) You're in favor of stronger prison sentences for drug abusers, yet your favourite radio personality is Rush Limbaugh.

17) You complain about having to press 1 for English, yet you hire illegal Mexicans to mow your lawn because they're cheaper than hiring the kid next door.

18) Homosexuality is abhorrent to you, except when a Republican senator, the president of the National Association of Evangelicals, and a planted White House journalist all turn out to be gay, then you suddenly feel sorry for them.

19) The war in Iraq makes perfect sense to you, but any suggestion by Barack Obama that we target al Qaeda terrorists in Pakistan is 'dangerous and reckless.'

20) You don't mind that president Bush tortured men who were never charged with a crime, yet you're horrified by the barbarism of al Qaeda when they capture one of our guys.

21) You believe the 1/10 of 1% of scientists who claim global warming is a hoax, and reject the 99.9% who say it's real, because Sean Hannity and his sponsors from the oil industry have convinced you that science is a liberal conspiracy.

22) You believe patriotism means you should support your government right or wrong ... unless a Democrat's in power, then it's your patriotic duty to call him a closet Muslim, a Marxist, challenge his birth certificate, expose his sex life and impeach him.

23) You're proud of your party's 'culture of life.' Yet you support the death penalty for minors, you believe 600,000 dead Iraqis is justified because one of them was Saddam Hussein, and you oppose confronting the genocide in Darfur (after all, they don't have oil).

24) You support prayer in school, as long as your kids aren't subjected to any prayers other than the ones you hear in your own church.

25) You think Darwin's theory of evolution is a loony fairy tale, and that mankind actually began with two naked teenagers, a magic apple and a talking snake.

26) You think $35 billion spent on health care for children is a waste of taxpayer's money, but $2.5 TRILLION spent on a catastrophic war that has isolated us from our allies, decimated our economy and made us less safe was money well spent.

27) You believe embargoing communist Cuba is sound foreign policy, but trading with China is just good business.

28) You believe Bill Clinton was an immoral cad, but Newt Gingrich and Henry Hyde were faithful husbands -- and that Larry Craig just has a wide stance.

29) You fervently defend the Constitution, but when president Bush got caught monitoring 200 million phones without a warrant, politicizing our justice system, hyping evidence for going to war and commuting the sentence of a convicted perjurer who just happened to be on his staff, then it's okay, because he was 'protecting America.'

30) You were outraged when a gallon of gasoline went from $1.29 to $1.40 during the two terms of the Clinton presidency, but you didn't seem to mind when prices tripled under George W. Bush, the "oil man."

31) You were furious when Bill Clinton pardoned international commodities trader Marc Rich, who was convicted of tax evasion, but applauded when George W. Bush exonerated Scooter Libby for obstructing justice to protect Dick Cheney from a treason indictment.

32) With no evidence whatsoever, you complained of 'voter fraud,' and demanded that thousands of blacks be scrubbed from voting lists during the 2004 election in Ohio, yet when Rush Limbaugh asked his audience to illegally claim to be Democrats and vote for Hillary Clinton during the Ohio Primary in February to "stir up trouble", a felony, you were okay with that.

33) You believe that Barack Obama should be held accountable for every sermon that Jeremiah Wright ever gave, but John McCain, who sought the endorsement of anti-Semitic, xenophobic, openly racist and homophobic pastors should be given a pass.

34) You believe that Barack Obama is a secret Muslim, was actually born in Kenya, and his parents forged a fake birth certificate back in 1961 - just in case he should ever run for president of the United States, and that his father's nationality disqualifies his son from being president, all because you read that on the Internet.

35) You believe that the 8 consecutive years of prosperity and strong economic growth from 1993 - 2001 was due to the work of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, but today's recession is all Clinton's fault.

36) You laugh at how much better Barack Obama speaks with a TelePrompTer than without one, yet you never mention the fact that even with a TelePrompTer, every time George Bush opened his mouth, gibberish tumbled out. Bush couldn't construct a coherent gaff-free sentence even when Karl Rove was whispering in his ear via a wire.

37) You still believe Barack Obama is lying about being born in Hawaii, and has somehow succeeded in fooling every government and independent examination with his "obviously Photoshopped" documents. Instead, you rely on Internet blogs, WorldNetDaily and Jerome Corsi as your sources for "truth."

38) Your conservative media spent more air time discussing Michelle Obama touching the queen than on the economy, the environment, terrorism and health care combined.

39) You believe Barack Obama is "nation building" in Afghanistan, yet for eight straight years of Bush's bumbling incompetence there, you kept mum. Therefore, attacking Iraq makes sense, even though they never threatened us, but finishing off the job of finding Osama bin Laden; the terrorist who killed 3,000 Americans -- Bush's original task -- is a dumb idea because it's nation building. Got it!

40) You were furious that Barack Obama admitted in France that Americans had in the past been "arrogant, dismissive and derisive," yet you cheered them on for eight years while Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld were arrogant, dismissive and derisive.

41) You believe that Obama's $3.6 trillion budget is an outrage, but never once complained that George Bush turned Bill Clinton's $300 billion surplus into a $1.3 trillion deficit. And it never once occurred to you that Bush deliberately omitted the Iraq and Afghanistan wars from those statistics, which means Bush's true deficit was over $3.1 trillion.

42) You supported Gov. Sarah Palin, partly because you believed that she kept a good Christian home. This, despite the fact that her seventeen year old unmarried daughter was knocked up, her son was accused of vandalizing 44 school buses (cutting the brake lines - HELLO!!?) and was given the choice of going to jail or join the military, and Palin herself was found guilty of abusing the power of her office. But Barack Obama can't possibly be a true Christian, because his father was a Muslim, and his middle name is Hussein. (Besides, he's black, and everybody knows that Jesus was a blond haired, blue eyed white man.)

43) You believe that the only solution to gun violence is to make sure everybody packs heat. That way, when some crazy person goes on a killing spree, right-thinking people will take out the killer, and tranquillity will prevail throughout the land.

44) You believe the mainstream news anchors are crazy and filled with hate, but Glenn Beck, Terry O'Reilly and Sean Hannity are rational, accurate and informative.

45) You defend Rush Limbaugh's right to wish for Obama to fail, and therefore, the failure of our republic, yet you call Democrats the "blame America first crowd."

46) You believe the economic crisis is the fault of liberals, but never mention that it was the Reagan administration that massively deregulated the banking industry in 1982, and it was Phil Gramm - McCain's choice for economic advisor - who completed the task for his pals in the banking industry in 1999.

47) You believe the failure of the US automobile industry is primarily the fault of the unions, and not because management of the three corporations insisted on producing vehicles that nobody wanted. And you're angry with the $28.00 per hour average wage of the work force, but you believe that the multimillion dollar salaries of the men who bankrupted the industry are perfectly reasonable.

48) You think this list is mean-spirited and biased, and even though you privately acknowledge to yourself that it's all true, you believe the Democrats are just as bad. Here's a bulletin: Nobody has ever been this bad.


Thanks to Bruce Lindner for the write-up!


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Sometimes you read something and think it's so bad, it just has to be a joke...

And then you read this, which plainly isn't.

And notably the cowardly bigot restricts what reader comments appear on his site - so playing the game with all the bravery of being out of range.

Feel free to comment.

Friday, 3 September 2010

The G.W. Bush Presidency - 8 years in 8 minutes

Just woeful


Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" Rally - Interviews With Participants

Bearing in mind Beck is a national disgrace, how does he want to restore the US's 'honour'? And what empowers him to do so?


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Glenn Beck (after MLK) - "I have a Scheme"

What a clown.

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
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The Daily Show - 'The Parent Company Trap'


The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
Tags: The Daily Show: The Parent Company Trap, COMEDYCENTRAL


Thursday, 26 August 2010

August 25, 2010, 8:30 pm

Building a Nation of Know-Nothings

Having shed much of his dignity, core convictions and reputation for straight talk, Senator John McCain won his primary on Tuesday against the flat-earth wing of his party. Now McCain can go search for his lost character, which was last on display late in his 2008 campaign for president.

Remember the moment: a woman with matted hair and a shaky voice rose to express her doubts about Barack Obama. “I have read about him,” she said, “and he’s not — he’s an Arab.”

McCain was quick to knock down the lie. “No, ma’am,” he said, “he’s a decent family man, a citizen.”

That ill-informed woman — her head stuffed with fabrications that could be disproved by a pre-schooler — now makes up a representative third or more of the Republican party. It’s not just that 47 percent of Republicans believe the lie that Obama is a Muslim, or that 27 percent in the party doubt that the president of the United States is a citizen. But fully half of them believe falsely that the big bailout of banks and insurance companies under TARP was enacted by Obama, and not by President Bush.

Take a look at Tuesday night’s box score in the baseball game between New York and Toronto. The Yankees won, 11-5. Now look at the weather summary, showing a high of 71 for New York. The score and temperature are not subject to debate.

Yet a president’s birthday or whether he was even in the White House on the day TARP was passed are apparently open questions. A growing segment of the party poised to take control of Congress has bought into denial of the basic truths of Barack Obama’s life. What’s more, this astonishing level of willful ignorance has come about largely by design, and has been aided by a press afraid to call out the primary architects of the lies.

The Democrats may deserve to lose in November. They have been terrible at trying to explain who they stand for and the larger goal of their governance. But if they lose, it should be because their policies are unpopular or ill-conceived — not because millions of people believe a lie.

Rush LimbaughIn the much-discussed Pew poll reporting the spike in ignorance, those who believe Obama to be Muslim say they got their information from the media. But no reputable news agency — that is, fact-based, one that corrects its errors quickly — has spread such inaccuracies.

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images Rush Limbaugh

So where is this “media?” Two sources, and they are — no surprise here — the usual suspects. The first, of course, is Rush Limbaugh, who claims the largest radio audience in the land among the microphone demagogues, and his word is Biblical among Republicans. A few quick examples of the Limbaugh method:

“Tomorrow is Obama’s birthday — not that we’ve seen any proof of that,” he said on Aug. 3. “They tell us Aug. 4 is the birthday; we haven’t seen any proof of that.”

Of course, there is proof as clear as that baseball box score. Look here, www.factcheck.org, for starters, one of many places posting Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate.

On the Muslim deception, Limbaugh has sprinkled lie dust all over the place. “Obama says he’s a Christian, but where’s the evidence?” he said on Aug. 19. He has repeatedly called the president “imam Obama,” and said, “I’m just throwing things out there, folks, because people are questioning his Christianity.”

You see how he works. He drops in suggestions, hints, notes that “people are questioning” things. The design is to make Obama un-American. Then he says it’s a tweak, a provocation. He says this as a preemptive way to keep the press from calling him out. And it works; long profiles of Limbaugh have largely gone easy on him.

Once Limbaugh has planted a lie, a prominent politician can pick it up, with little nuance. So, over the weekend, Kim Lehman, one of Iowa’s two Republican National Committee members, went public with doubts on Obama’s Christianity. Of course, she was not condemned by party leaders.
It’s curious, also, that any felon, drug addict, or recovering hedonist can loudly proclaim a sudden embrace of Jesus and be welcomed without doubt by leaders of the religious right. But a thoughtful Christian like Obama is still distrusted.

“I am a devout Christian,” Obama told Christianity Today in 2008. “I believe in the redemptive death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.” That’s not enough, apparently, for Rev. Franklin Graham, the partisan son of the great evangelical leader, who said last week that Obama was “born a Muslim because of the religious seed passed on from his father.”

Actually, he was born from two non-practicing parents, and his Kenyan father was absent for all of his upbringing. Obama came to his Christianity like millions of people, through searching and questioning.

Finally, there is Fox News, whose parent company has given $1 million to Republican causes this year but still masquerades as a legitimate source of news. Their chat and opinion programs spread innuendo daily. The founder of Politifact, another non-partisan referee to the daily rumble, said two of the site’s five most popular items on its Truth-o-meter are corrections of Glenn Beck.

Beck tosses off enough half-truths in a month to keep Politifact working overtime. Of late, he has gone after Michelle Obama, whose vacation in Spain was “just for her and approximately 40 of her friends.” Limbaugh had a similar line, saying the First Lady “is taking 40 of her best friends and leasing 60 rooms at a five-star hotel — paid for by you.”
The White House said Michelle Obama and her daughter Sasha were accompanied by just a few friends — and they paid their own costs. But, wink, wink, the damage is done. He’s Muslim and foreign. She’s living the luxe life on your dime. They don’t even have to mention race. The code words do it for them.

Climate-change denial is a special category all its own. Once on the fringe, dismissal of scientific consensus is now an article of faith among leading Republicans, again taking their cue from Limbaugh and Fox.

It would be nice to dismiss the stupid things that Americans believe as harmless, the price of having such a large, messy democracy. Plenty of hate-filled partisans swore that Abraham Lincoln was a Catholic and Franklin Roosevelt was a Jew. So what if one-in-five believe the sun revolves around the earth, or aren’t sure from which country the United States gained its independence?

But false belief in weapons of mass-destruction led the United States to a trillion-dollar war. And trust in rising home value as a truism as reliable as a sunrise was a major contributor to the catastrophic collapse of the economy. At its worst extreme, a culture of misinformation can produce something like Iran, which is run by a Holocaust denier.

It’s one thing to forget the past, with predictable consequences, as the favorite aphorism goes. But what about those who refuse to comprehend the present?


Thursday, 19 August 2010



PLANS to build a state of the art library next to Republican catastrophe Sarah Palin are causing outrage across mainstream America.

Almost 40% of Americans still support the idea of books
Campaigners have described the project as insensitive and a deliberate act of provocation by people with brains.

The issue is forming a dividing line in advance of November's mid-term congressional elections with candidates being forced to declare whether they have ever been to a library or spoken to someone who has books in their home.

Meanwhile President Obama has caused unease within his own Democratic party by endorsing the library and claiming that not everyone who reads books is responsible for calling Mrs Palin a fuckwit nutjob nightmare of a human being.

But Bill McKay, a leading member of the right-wing Teapot movement, said: "Sarah Palin is a hallowed place for Americans who can't read.

"How is she going to feel knowing that every day there are people going inside a building to find things out for themselves and have thoughts, right in the very shadow of her amazing nipples."

He added: "Our founding fathers intended for every building in this country to be a church containing one book, written by Jesus, that would be read out in a strange voice by an orange man in a shiny suit who would also tell you who you were allowed to kill.

"Building a library next to Mrs Palin is like Pearl Harbour. Or 9/11."

And Wayne Hayes, a pig masseur from Coontree, Virginia, said: "I is so angry right now.

"It's like something is on fire right in the middle of my head. Like I've eaten a real hot chilli, but it's gone up my nose tubes rather than down my ass tubes."

He added: "Would these library lovers allow me to set up a stall next to the Smithsonian Museum and start selling DVDs of bible cartoons as long as it was in accordance with local regulations?

"Oh they would? I see. So is that why they're better than me?"

Thanks to 'The Daily Mash' for its content


Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Rupert Murdoch Lied to Media Matters

Surprised? Given FOX 'News'' complete abandonment of any meaningful (i.e. non-partisan) news coverage, and its embracing the practise of simply broadcasting unvarnished US conservative opinion, perhaps we shouldn't be.

And now, at least with this news, we can dispel the doubt and Fox can quit the charade of being, ahem, "fair and balanced", and admit it's just the GOP's mouthpiece.

Click to read: Fox News' corporate parent gave Republican Governors Association $1 million

Thanks to Media Matters for its content




Saturday, 14 August 2010


Posted on Friday, July 16th, 2010

By Frank Lake Courtesy of The Weekly World News - The World's Only Reliable News

DALLAS, TX – Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, announced the White House’s plan to deport 15 million Republicans to Mexico.

Many in Washington were stunned by President Obama’s decision, the first time in U.S. history that a sitting President has moved to deport legal U.S. Citizens. Senior Adviser David Axelrod spoke to Keith Olbermann, who thought the idea was “genius, you should have done this a year ago.”  Axelrod explained the decision, “It is difficult for the President to get his agenda through with all these Republicans standing in his way. When we won the election we thought they would just shut up and let us clean up the mess. We’re left with no choice but to deport these Republicans, so that we can run the country the way we want.”

Napolitano said that mass deportations will start immediately and would not be limited to Arizona Republicans – though they would be the first rounded up.  Governor Jan Brewer was picked up last night and driven across the border in an armored car.  She was taken to Rosarito on the West Coast of Mexico – where she will be set up with a taco stand.  Homeland Security has streamlined the system by seizing the records of Republican Party offices throughout the country. They will begin going door to door, randomly picking those Republican individuals (and families) that “have to go.”

Glenn Beck was taken this morning to an adobe hut in Campeche where he will continue broadcasting his show – to himself.

Once they hit the 15 million mark, the Obama Administration plans to grant citizenship to the 15 million illegal immigrants in this country.  Axelrod said, “these new citizens will be registered Democrats and that will make it a lot easier for us to get our agenda passed.”

When asked about the deportations James Carville told CNN that if they came for his wife, Republican Mary Matalin, ICE was going to have some trouble. “I’ll open some cajun whoopass on those bastards.” He was also upset that he’d be out of a job.  “If there’s only one party in the country, who’s gonna need political consultants?”

As of 2004 there were 55 million registered Republicans in the country.  After the deportations, there still will 40 million left.  “This is just the first phase of Operation So-Long-Suckers.  If it goes as smoothly as we predict, we can deport another 15 million by the end of the year,” President Obama told Katie Couric, who wept with joy. “There is no other President in the history of our great nation that would the courage and strength to take the necessary steps to bring us all together.  You are a God, Mr. President,” Couric told Obama.  “I know,” President Obama replied.

As you would expect, most Republicans were outraged at the deportations, but Axelrod reminded them that “you smashed the car into the tree and we’ve been trying to get the car back on the road, and you want us to give you the keys back to the car, so you can smash another tree. Well, you’re not getting the keys back, you’re being sent to your room.  Mexico.”

Washington insiders were not surprised that several Republicans supported the deportations:  Senator  Scott Brown of Massachusetts and Senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine.  But even though they spoke in favor of the plan, President Obama is still having them deported.  “They’re still Republicans.  One and elephant, always an elephant.”

So,if you are a Republican, how do you protect yourself against being deported?


Monday, 9 August 2010

Palin jumps the shark in "Worst Governor Ever" gotcha

Sarah Palin defaults to stock memes and GOP talking points about "defending the Constitution" when asked simple questions by, of all things, her nightmare audience... a teacher. Actually, I'm just wondering whether it's possible for Palin to jump the shark any more than she already has done, and whether this example actually falls under the 'screws the pooch' category? You decide.

Thanks to Wonkette for the find!


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The Rutles - Lunch - inspiration for The Beatles

You can see where The Beatles stole all their ideas, concepts and hair-cuts. I given you, The Rutles:


Thursday, 10 June 2010

The Gulf Spill: A Study in American Double Standards?

Quick question: given all the current American ranting opprobrium over the Gulf spill, can I please ask where that same venom was when we consider that US oil companies have been (and still are) pissing oil into the homes and eco-system of the Niger Delta for the last 20+ years? 

Oh, and let's not forget the 1984 Bhopal disaster in India, where a US company, Union Carbide, managed to kill 15,000 people in one fell swoop - the single largest civil disaster in recorded history? 

And whilst the US appears perfectly happy to judge and hang BP in the media, prior to any court case or enquiry,  both of which will surely come, Union Carbide high-tailed it out of India without making any attempt at recompense, or cleaning up the poison it left behind, and offered zero assistance to the survivors. Indeed, whilst no one would debate that what has happened in the Gulf is a disaster, the signal attribute, which has been noticeable in the US media and in US opinion on the internet since the Gulf spill, and then only by its complete absence, is perspective - to a tragicomical degree.

Further reading - click on the article titles below:

BP's behaviour in the Gulf is appalling. But our thirst for oil is the real issue

Science will solve this crisis, but the real cause is America's demands and our refusal to pay oil's true price

Nigeria's agony dwarfs the Gulf oil spill. The US and Europe ignore it

The Deepwater Horizon disaster caused headlines around the world, yet the people who live in the Niger delta have had to live with environmental catastrophes for decades


Saturday, 29 May 2010

The State of the World Economy - in figures...


Friday, 14 May 2010

Glenn Beck has "Nazi Tourette's"

13 May 2010Countdown: Lewis Black Blasts Glenn Beck's "Nazi Tourette's" 

Glenn Beck's Nazi Tourette's


Monday, 10 May 2010

US Right Wing Paranoia digs new holes

You couldn't make it up. The rule here seems to be, "If in doubt, just fabricate it and give the impression that down-town Jeddah has been transplanted to any-town in America."

You can see just how easy it is to agitate the Teabagging contingent without really trying. And why? Because they're only to ready to believe it, what with the sky falling on their heads, Obama being being Muslim Communist and having no birth certificate and all... Mind you, you it loses all credibility with the first use of "Obamacare".

Some barking mad nutter wrote...

Subject: FW: Dhimmitude - Another hole in ObamaCare

I recommend you go to Snopes, Fact Check, or any other service, and read up on this. It's not a fact yet......but knowing our corrupt politicians and some unethical religious practices taking place in this country I would not put it past any of them to make this a reality.

WOW!!  An important read for all AMERICA



*Had never heard the word until now---Type it into Google and start reading…Pretty interesting.  Note that Muslims and certain other religions may be exempt from the Obamacare penalties and it is supported by law. We are surrendering from within! The boy is leading us right down the path to  total control!*

Word of the Day: Dhimmitude

Dhimmitude is the Muslim system of controlling non-Muslim populations conquered through jihad. Specifically, it is the TAXING of non-Muslims in exchange for tolerating their presence AND as a coercive means of converting conquered remnants to Islam.

The ObamaCare bill is the establishment of Dhimmitude and Sharia Muslim diktat in the United States . Muslims are specifically exempted from the government mandate to purchase insurance, and also from the penalty tax for  being uninsured. Islam considers insurance to be "gambling", "risk-taking" and "usury" and is thus banned. Muslims are specifically granted exemption based on this. How convenient. So I, Ann Barnhardt, a Christian, will have crippling IRS liens placed against all of my assets, including real estate, cattle, and even accounts receivables, and will face hard prison time because I refuse to buy insurance or pay the penalty tax. Meanwhile, Louis Farrakhan will have no such penalty and will have 100% of his health needs paid for by the de facto government insurance. Non-Muslims will be paying a tax to subsidize Muslims. Period. This is Dhimmitude. Dhimmitude serves two purposes: it enriches the Muslim masters AND serves to drive conversions to Islam. In this case, the incentive to convert to Islam will be taken up by those in the inner-cities as well as the godless Generation X, Y and Z types who have no moral anchor. If you don't believe in Christ to begin with, it is no problem whatsoever to sell Him for 30 pieces of silver. "Sure, I'll be a Muslim if it means free health insurance and no taxes. Where do I sign, bro?"

I recommend sending this post to your contacts. This is desperately important and people need to know about it - quickly.

I checked out this article on snopes...see what you think.
It reports results as 'Undetermined'
This should really scare every single American!!!


Tuesday, 4 May 2010

If more businesses operated like Goldman Sachs...

If more businesses operated like Goldman Sachs...

 Thanks to Vicki Tsarfin and the guys at Salon

Monday, 3 May 2010

A sense of perspective

Some worthwhile advice for us all here, I feel.


Saturday, 1 May 2010

Born to Lose

http://www.MarkFiore.com See the latest inspiring story from Wall Street. How can you achieve the American Dream? Just sit back and see what the big banks have done! Losing to win, it's the new way! A Mark Fiore political animation.


Wednesday, 28 April 2010

"The Alinsky Method" - Cartoon of the Day

Beck, Hannity, O'Reilly et all toss around "the Alinsky method" like confetti - and like they know what it is...


Monday, 26 April 2010

So how can the USA fund healthcare...?

Bill Maher gives some options...


Sunday, 25 April 2010

"The Tea Party's Over"

Old Fart tells it like it is. Bye bye Teabaggers - oh how we'll miss your singular spelling! And it's great news for the 99.9998% of Americans who already think you're a tired joke!


Friday, 23 April 2010

"Imagine if the Tea Party Was Black" - Tim Wise

"Imagine if the Tea Party Was Black" -  by Tim Wise

Let’s play a game, shall we? The name of the game is called “Imagine.” The way it’s played is simple: we’ll envision recent happenings in the news, but then change them up a bit. Instead of envisioning white people as the main actors in the scenes we’ll conjure - the ones who are driving the action - we’ll envision black folks or other people of color instead. The object of the game is to imagine the public reaction to the events or incidents, if the main actors were of color, rather than white. Whoever gains the most insight into the workings of race in America, at the end of the game, wins.

So let’s begin.

Imagine that hundreds of black protesters were to descend upon Washington DC and Northern Virginia, just a few miles from the Capitol and White House, armed with AK-47s, assorted handguns, and ammunition. And imagine that some of these protesters - the black protesters - spoke of the need for political revolution, and possibly even armed conflict in the event that laws they didn’t like were enforced by the government? Would these protesters — these black protesters with guns — be seen as brave defenders of the Second Amendment, or would they be viewed by most whites as a danger to the republic? What if they were Arab-Americans? Because, after all, that’s what happened recently when white gun enthusiasts descended upon the nation’s capital, arms in hand, and verbally announced their readiness to make war on the country’s political leaders if the need arose.

Imagine that white members of Congress, while walking to work, were surrounded by thousands of angry black people, one of whom proceeded to spit on one of those congressmen for not voting the way the black demonstrators desired. Would the protesters be seen as merely patriotic Americans voicing their opinions, or as an angry, potentially violent, and even insurrectionary mob? After all, this is what white Tea Party protesters did recently in Washington.

Imagine that a rap artist were to say, in reference to a white president: “He’s a piece of shit and I told him to suck on my machine gun.” Because that’s what rocker Ted Nugent said recently about President Obama.

Imagine that a prominent mainstream black political commentator had long employed an overt bigot as Executive Director of his organization, and that this bigot regularly participated in black separatist conferences, and once assaulted a white person while calling them by a racial slur. When that prominent black commentator and his sister — who also works for the organization — defended the bigot as a good guy who was misunderstood and “going through a tough time in his life” would anyone accept their excuse-making? Would that commentator still have a place on a mainstream network? Because that’s what happened in the real world, when Pat Buchanan employed as Executive Director of his group, America’s Cause, a blatant racist who did all these things, or at least their white equivalents: attending white separatist conferences and attacking a black woman while calling her the n-word.

Imagine that a black radio host were to suggest that the only way to get promoted in the administration of a white president is by “hating black people,” or that a prominent white person had only endorsed a white presidential candidate as an act of racial bonding, or blamed a white president for a fight on a school bus in which a black kid was jumped by two white kids, or said that he wouldn’t want to kill all conservatives, but rather, would like to leave just enough—“living fossils” as he called them—“so we will never forget what these people stood for.” After all, these are things that Rush Limbaugh has said, about Barack Obama’s administration, Colin Powell’s endorsement of Barack Obama, a fight on a school bus in Belleville, Illinois in which two black kids beat up a white kid, and about liberals, generally.

Imagine that a black pastor, formerly a member of the U.S. military, were to declare, as part of his opposition to a white president’s policies, that he was ready to “suit up, get my gun, go to Washington, and do what they trained me to do.” This is, after all, what Pastor Stan Craig said recently at a Tea Party rally in Greenville, South Carolina.

Imagine a black radio talk show host gleefully predicting a revolution by people of color if the government continues to be dominated by the rich white men who have been “destroying” the country, or if said radio personality were to call Christians or Jews non-humans, or say that when it came to conservatives, the best solution would be to “hang ‘em high.” And what would happen to any congressional representative who praised that commentator for “speaking common sense” and likened his hate talk to “American values?” After all, those are among the things said by radio host and best-selling author Michael Savage, predicting white revolution in the face of multiculturalism, or said by Savage about Muslims and liberals, respectively. And it was Congressman Culbertson, from Texas, who praised Savage in that way, despite his hateful rhetoric.

Imagine a black political commentator suggesting that the only thing the guy who flew his plane into the Austin, Texas IRS building did wrong was not blowing up Fox News instead. This is, after all, what Anne Coulter said about Tim McVeigh, when she noted that his only mistake was not blowing up the New York Times.

Imagine that a popular black liberal website posted comments about the daughter of a white president, calling her “typical redneck trash,” or a “whore” whose mother entertains her by “making monkey sounds.” After all that’s comparable to what conservatives posted about Malia Obama on freerepublic.com last year, when they referred to her as “ghetto trash.”

Imagine that black protesters at a large political rally were walking around with signs calling for the lynching of their congressional enemies. Because that’s what white conservatives did last year, in reference to Democratic party leaders in Congress.

In other words, imagine that even one-third of the anger and vitriol currently being hurled at President Obama, by folks who are almost exclusively white, were being aimed, instead, at a white president, by people of color. How many whites viewing the anger, the hatred, the contempt for that white president would then wax eloquent about free speech, and the glories of democracy? And how many would be calling for further crackdowns on thuggish behavior, and investigations into the radical agendas of those same people of color?

To ask any of these questions is to answer them. Protest is only seen as fundamentally American when those who have long had the luxury of seeing themselves as prototypically American engage in it. When the dangerous and dark “other” does so, however, it isn’t viewed as normal or natural, let alone patriotic. Which is why Rush Limbaugh could say, this past week, that the Tea Parties are the first time since the Civil War that ordinary, common Americans stood up for their rights: a statement that erases the normalcy and “American-ness” of blacks in the civil rights struggle, not to mention women in the fight for suffrage and equality, working people in the fight for better working conditions, and LGBT folks as they struggle to be treated as full and equal human beings.

And this, my friends, is what white privilege is all about. The ability to threaten others, to engage in violent and incendiary rhetoric without consequence, to be viewed as patriotic and normal no matter what you do, and never to be feared and despised as people of color would be, if they tried to get away with half the shit we do, on a daily basis.

Game Over.


Thursday, 22 April 2010

The Teabagger Boogie


Arizona legislature admits to being run by Conspiracy Theorists

CNN's Anderson Cooper gives a step-by-step rebuttal of Arizona's utterly partisan 'Birther' bullshit


Cartoon of the Day

Thanks to the gals at The Poltical Carnival for the image!


How to 'Teabag' - in words and images


Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Motivational Poster of the Week


If Jesus returned as Glenn Beck...

Well, Glenn Beck is now claiming to be talking to God - who has apparently seen fit to give Beck a "plan"... (cough)


Fox News did some 'research' - and they don't lie

Well, not much, any way...



GOP Filibuster the Wall Street finance reform...

... for all the Right reasons...


It's all a matter of image...


Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Girls just wanna have ... ?

demotivational posters


Sunday, 18 April 2010

Internecine Sqaubbles: GOP/Teabaggers/Conservatives

It would appear that the Republican/Teabagger/Conservative 'family' have familial issues - like whether they like Sarah Palin or not - or whether they're in favour of free speech or whether to boo-off one of their own...


Friday, 16 April 2010

American Tax Dollars at Work - Happy Tax Day!

There's good news....

New  State-by-State  Figures Show that Obama Cut Taxes in 2009 for 98  Percent of Working  Americans - Click HERE

 And bad...


Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The 'Fiscal Conservative' myth debunked

You've perhaps often read (and certainly heard) that Republicans, the Teabaggers and some, ahem, 'independents', all claim to be "fiscal conservatives".

This claim, and their ethos, is predicated on tax cuts (which, ironically results in the gov't generating less tax revenue for spending on the programmes to which they're committed), a reduction in said gov't spending (see previous point), and generally sees them protesting, rather vocally, when any suggestion is made other than the above two chief 'demands'.

You can see why gov't spending could be an issue, certainly if it gets out of control - as without the tax revenues to ensure the provision of it commitments (social services, Medicare, wars etc.) it then runs up a deficit - and 'fiscal conservatives' are avowedly against deficits!

With me so far? OK.

Then, and with no small irony, Reuters have just gone and pissed on the chips of, and given the lie to, these so-called fiscal conservatives, with the following deficit graph. You'll note that Clinton, a Democrat president, actually cleared the deficit and then operated at a not insubstantial surplus, whilst every other recent Republican president grew enormous deficits - most notably Reagan and both Bushs.

And yet, even with this being the case, Republicans, Teabaggers and 'independents' still vote for what they, incorrectly, perceive to be the party of 'fiscal conservatism', the Republicans/GOP?! 

I guess you can lead a horse to water....


Saturday, 10 April 2010

Republicans: "You have to stop making stuff up!"

How could I possibly better what Rachel Maddow says here?


Twitter quote of the week

Sean Hannity calling Obama a "radical" is almost as absurd as someone calling Sean Hannity a "journalist."


Tracing the roots of the Teabaggers...

Teabaggers - circa 1950 - note the liberal (no pun intended) and entirely inappropriate use of the word 'Communism'. As you can see, seems like little has changed, in their minds or vocabulary, since that time...


The Best George W Bush Impression - EVER!

Just superb!

Thanks to Jean Blount for the clip!


Cartoon of the Day

Thanks to the great gals at The Political Carnival for the image!

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Teabaggers: giving "patriotism" a bad name

The Teahadists

Revisionism, alarmist jingoism, confusion, paranoia, the politics of envy, inexactitude, outright lies, threats and, frankly, an object lack of education combine to illustrate the 'movement' of self-interest.

Just tragic.

Thanks to Larry Halstead and the keen eyes of The Political Carnival for the clip!


Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones Review

Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones Review (Part 1 of 9):


Saturday, 3 April 2010

Rush Limbaugh: only opens his mouth to change feet

Rush Limbaugh redefines apoplexy whilst proving his terms of reference are suspect at best - apparently “Storefront”, “factory” and “worker” are “Marxist-Leninist Terms”. Who knows, perhaps they are, in the Teabagger Dictionary...

Thanks to Media Matters for America for the clip


Thursday, 1 April 2010

GOP: This is what Sore Losers & Racists whining sound like

As reliable as a broken clock, Fox Fraudcasting's Sean Hannity, and dementia-beset Rush Limbaugh still have trouble adjusting to the real world around them.

Thanks to Media Matters for America for straining the bilge, so we don't have to.

Organ Parts & Parcels

Mark Fiore's wonderful political satire on the hopelessly out-of-touch Republicans & 'Libertarians' in the US


'Teabonics': a grammar & dictionary-free zone

These are signs seen primarily at Tea Party Protests.

They all feature "creative" spelling or grammar.

This new dialect of the English language shall be known as "Teabonics." 

 See them all at this THIS LINK

Thanks to Daniel Bukszpan for the Flickr link

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The GOP Alternative Health Care Plan

The GOP Alternative Health Care Plan


Groucho Marx Sings The Conservative Health Care Reform Position

Groucho Marx Sings The Conservative Health Care Reform Position


Gus Porter: American Legend

Speaks for itself really.


Tuesday, 30 March 2010

How Did So Many Republicans End Up Believing Falsehoods About Obama?

How Did So Many Republicans End Up Believing Falsehoods About Obama?

Thanks to Media Matters for America for this clip



Republicans left in Obama's wake...

Ever get the feeling that your ship has sailed without you, and that events have just passed you by...?

Thanks to guys at The Political Carnival for the cartoon.

Monday, 29 March 2010

If Al Qaeda were Christian, and lived in Michigan...

... their training video would look like this (group raided this weekend)

Michigan Militia Group Preparing for Antichrist, Web Site Says


The Michigan-based Christian militia group raided by the FBI over the weekend is preparing for battle with the Antichrist, according to a Web site purportedly run by the group.

Thanks to JeffreyFeldman on Twitter for these links.

Rush Limbaugh: UnAmerican Rancorman


Multimedia: Health Care for the Uninsured

From Time Magazine:

Multimedia: Health Care for the Uninsured

All-volunteer Remote Area Medical sets up shop in Wise, Va., providing badly needed treatment for those without adequate health insurance

Photographs by Radhika Chalasani / Redux for TIME


Insurers Back Effort to Make Health Reform Succeed

From Time Magazine:

The health-insurance industry, which spent months campaigning against Democratic health reform, has shifted focus in the wake of its passage, pivoting from opposition to making sure the new law succeeds beyond most expectations.


The Story of an Uninsured Woman

From Time Magazine:

Denise Prosser has battled health problems including cancer, with and without health insurance. Now her husband has been laid off, and she once again joins the ranks of the uninsured

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