Thursday, 11 February 2010

The Republican's Deficit of Honesty

The notion that the Tea Party movement is not about fear, lies, and an aversion to change is silly. If some of them could turn back time and nail themselves to the founding fathers, they would do.

There was no Tea Party when the US went from a surplus in 2000 to a deficit in 2008 because of unfunded wars and moronic/ill-advised/misconceived (delete as appropriate) tax cuts.

Where was their so-called "fiscal responsibility" movement then? Oh... You're right. It's just a coincidence that they sprouted under Obama.

PS: mainlining memories of Ronald Reagan, or simply regurgitating the line "I'm a fiscal conservative" doesn't actually address the very real problems which the US acquired as a direct result of electing a president, Bush jnr, with the IQ of a coffee table; nor does it absolve Republicans and Teabaggers alike from their head-in-the-sand ostrich management attitude to the devastation of the Bush administration's fiscal fuckwittage.

But Mark Fiore's satire says it much more succinctly and pointedly than that - enjoy!



  1. Chris high on Ronald Reagan11 February 2010 at 13:49

    I think the war spending pretty much sums it up , with a budjet surplus obviously the tax cuts (with no war) would have been a stimulous.

    I think it's fine to ask these questions, and they are fair.
    it was ill advised to hold firm to tax cuts and start 2 wars. well it was ill advised to start two wars. As Reagan wrote in his memoirs the insanity of the islamic fundamentalist and the serious instability in the middle east in general made it ill advised to go into lebanon.
    Bush was Certainly not a conservative, nor a conservative in the same sense that Reagan or Goldwater were. he was a bit more like Nixon I'd say.
    Still waiting for Obama to do anything thing of substance to alter the policies, I imagine the tax increases will come soon enough. But this is a president who ran and won almost exclusively  on promises of having us out of Iraq  entirely in 16 months-I guess he's still got 6 to make good on that one.
    Care to make a friendly gentlemens bet on how this works out.

    Those of us not pleased with Obama's Naivety turned out to be on to something as he has thus far govered as if Dick Cheney was his top advisor.
    I'm expecting the press Secretary to be fired in the next few months and Rahm Emanual to be within the year.  But hey we shall see shant we.
    A dislike for Obama didn't automaticly translate into an approval of Bush nor an endorsement for McCain.

    As it turns out we were probably right that being "Not Bush" was not enough.  Bush did  inherit a decimated military and intelligence community
    he has handed Obama a compotent one- so much so that Obama retained Bush's Secretary of Defense.

    Yes I agree the tea parties are obnoxious    but what you do see is clear unrest and dissatisfaction with the way government  doesn't work to solve all out woes.  Real change would have been  the libertarian route ... I suspect that's coming eventually.
    either that or a total meltdown into a social welfare state.

  2. Cosmic Navel Lint12 February 2010 at 14:34

    Hey Chris, that's a good and considered response mate, please allow me to give it the weight is deserves with a proper answer later today! Thanks.

    In the meantime, the double-standards and flip-flopping of the Republicans are illustrated in this clip:" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="170" height="140


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