Saturday, 31 October 2009

Do we truly cast-off childish habits?

Take dressing up in costumes...

It dawned on me, today, as I watched scores of children criss-crossing the neighbourhood, dressed in all manner of gaudily-got-up garb (the best still remain the ones which are homemade - the endeavours of their mums' slaving over a hot needle and thread for fifteen minutes shall always top the paid-for Spiderman cozzy, or that of some character from the Disney Corporation, both merely a cop-out to convenience and commercialism), that as we grow into adults, some choose to remain hiding their masks and trapped in those underdeveloped mindsets where absolutes are easy redoubts in which to take refuge.

Take the chap on the operating table here for instance...speaking of habits, there's one he probably didn't need, as it obviously attracted all the wrong kinds of attention.  But kids, eh, you can't tell them any thing nowadays. 

Click on the picture for a better view.


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