Wednesday, 21 October 2009

New Words & Coined Phrases - both original and borrowed

What follows is a sampling of the, usually irreverent,  inventive contractions, portmanteau words and other terms either pilfered wholesale, or more usually invented by some of the bright young things on my Eunoia Website.  Enjoy! 

decepticaemia - (n) the condition of voluntarily submitting to, and choosing to believe in, that which you know to be object bullshit; but you prefer it to reason or reality as it suits your prejudice. The Fox News Borg (FNB) are particularly prone to adopt this condition. 

déjà view (da-zhä vyü)  - (n)  [prevalent in the US]  a phenomenon which occurs after one watches a television show for the first time, then doesn't watch it again for a while. When they again watch the show at some later date, the TV station just happens to be re-airing the one episode they had already seen. 

flen  - (n)  the inexplicably black viscous substance that forms around the top of ketchup bottles due to people who are too klutzy and kak-handed to pour the ketchup correctly. 

proctoverbosity  - (n) Talking out of one's arse. Abbreviated to p.v. to mean bullshit.e.g. "Professor Hawking's lecture on super-string theory was complete p.v." - PhD dissertation, J. Stewart (1998), Bodleian Library. 

reintarnation - (n) coming back to life as a hillbilly.

arachnidiot  - (ar ak ni' di ot) - (n) A person, who, having wandered into an "invisible" spider web, begins gyrating and flailing about wildly. 

foreploy - (n) Any misrepresentation about yourself for the purpose of getting laid. 

prozlytute - (praas/li/tyoot(n) One who preaches morals, whilst on their back. 

interregnum - noun (pl. interregnums or interregna) a period when normal government is suspended, especially between successive reigns or regimes.

 — ORIGIN Latin, from inter- ‘between’ + regnum ‘reign’.

interrectum - noun, the sensation the benighted US electorate perceive of "being done without Lube", after 8 years of George W Bush

  — ORIGIN Latin, from inter- ‘between’ + rectum intestinum ‘straight intestine’ (or 'arse cheeks', in the vernacular) 

malenutrition - (n) The temporarily wretched condition into which men allow themselves to sink, through sheer laziness, when they  omit to feed themselves whilst watching their favourite sports in TV -  e.g. during a football match for a Formula-1 race; usually resolved by pleas to the man's respective partner to "please go and make me a sarni love! I'm dying here!



  1. I must print this out and read on the way home lmao! Howdie B!
    Yes Carolinita

  2. you dont have Deja View in the Manchester mate?

    anyway , Great blog and I figured out the technical issue
    which was
    that one must create a full blog profile on google in order to post a REPLY


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