Friday, 19 March 2010

Healthcare: Teabaggers go to the Circus

Again, the Teabaggers long on hearsay, confusion and Fox News disinformation, but so short on any details or actual facts.



  1. Howdy Bren! Scarily it was reported in the UK that Obama only has 50% support because of the health care bill..... is that right?

  2. Cosmic Navel Lint20 March 2010 at 12:23

    <span>There's no escaping that doing the right thing, in terms of trying to ensure that between 30 and 47 million Americans currently denied any form of healthcare in the US now get the chance to access it, has been decried by the American Right (with the charge lead by the usual inept suspects at Fox News), and yes, this has had an effect on Obama's popularity ratings, but it's a blip, not a trend - but if you paint someone as a bogeyman, that's always gonna happen. LBJ suffered the same abuse when he introduced Civil Liberties legislation in the late 60s, so if that's any gauge, then you can see how the Right react to anything which they don't understand.  
    If you watch the above YouTube clip, you'll see that those objecting can't actually articulate why, and most of them haven't even taken the time or trouble to investigate why they're against healthcare reform.</span>

  3. Bren!

    My health Care premiums have increased 200% in 5 years through a "Not for Profit" provider. Having said that...I found it very painful to watch the video you posted to the point where I will likely need to visit my Doctor, which I can no longer afford...because my premiums have increased by 200% in 5 years.

    I do not perscribe blindly to any side of the issue. I prefer to think that I look both ways before I cross the street. Having said that...the opposition to the current imperfect, yet well intentioned bill are the crazy maniacal people driving the bus that will run over everyone who is not looking both ways before they cross the street. Watch your steps!

    I'm just saying

  4. Yep I watched the whole clip with horror!

    And because I agree with what Obama does made me shocked about the 50% support thingy. But hey.... if you think it is a blip, that is cheery news.

    Can I make a posting request? That you summarise Obama's healthcare proposition into bite-sized chunks. We don't get too much detail over here in the UK..... the theory sounds good, but I would like to understand in more depth.

  5. Cosmic Navel Lint22 March 2010 at 20:32

    No prob's love, happy to - here ya go - a very straight forward no-nonsense summary of who will benefit and when from the Healthcare Reform Bill (courtesy of the New York Times):

    For Consumers, Clarity on Health Care Changes

  6. Cosmic Navel Lint23 March 2010 at 01:24


    here's another breakdown on who gets what and when in the new healthcare reform bill - this is from the UK's Daily Telegraph and just gives the highlights: Obama's health care bill: the key points

  7. Cosmic Navel Lint24 March 2010 at 14:29


    Your healthcare insurance premiums rise 200% in five years?! Ouch!

    Any 'healthcare' system which dictates that only those who can afford it, or have no 'previous conditions' before they can access it, or aren't held hostage to an employer's group policy which may or may not cover the employees' needs, is just wrong.


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