Friday, 26 March 2010

Why people are angry about healthcare reform



  1. Cause I can afford what I pay now ($0) for insurance and my regular/sick visits and my income is low enough to qualify for emergency medicaid in that rare case, but this new bill makes me buy insurance that is overpriced and basically worthless or fines me a percentage of my income if I don't?  LOVELY!  Who paid for that lobbying? 

  2. What a crock.  What a departure from life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness et al.  Oh, and for the record, the only time the emergency medicaid was used was when my daughter died and well, no amount of partisan bickering/lobbying would have made a difference, so there.  Not directed at you CNL but sometimes these things just get in my craw so to speak and well, there it is.  I try to avoid all the political shit for the sake of my day to day peace of mind(short sighted though that may be, most days I'm pretty happy) but sometimes I need a sentence or two to regain my peace.

  3. Cosmic Navel Lint29 March 2010 at 02:58

    <span>Hi Brook, </span>

    <span>Thanks for your reply. Just so I understand you correctly, you say that you're paying "$0" for your medical insurance at the moment and, if so, does that give you a healthcare policy which covers your needs, or no policy at all, meaning that you have to rely on whatever 'charity' healthcare you can get?  
    Also, my uderstadning is that if you earn below a certain amount ($) then there is no fine.</span>

  4. Cosmic Navel Lint29 March 2010 at 03:00

    I didn't know about your daughter, Brook. My sincere condolences.

    And you're right, in such circumstances, all this politicking is just so much bullshit.

  5. We pay out of pocket for 100% of our healthcare, we do not have insurance.  To date that includes regular check ups, sick visits, prescriptions, urgent care, childbirth(2x), infrequent emergency room visits, dental care, orthodontics, and physical therapy.  What we spend on all of this every year for a family of four is less than a years premiums for health insurance for the self employed.  That's all I'm saying.

  6. Cosmic Navel Lint29 March 2010 at 19:08

    Well, if you're in a position to pay out-of-pocket for everything and still meet your needs, all well and good - but, even after having met that expense every year, if it's still - as you say - cheaper than any insurance premiums would be, then that suggests that the premium to meet your family's needs must be exorbitant.

    I hear this same thing from a number of people in the US: the claims from the Right that "the US has the best healthcare in the world" is actually wrong by quite some margin - but you do have the most expensive.

  7. Our last insurance policy was for catastrophic care only, $1000 deductible per person per year with a $2500 cap in the event of a single accident, no co-pay, no coverage for "regular" care, long term illness or disease with a maximum payout for the life of the policy of $1000000(I think).  The monthly premium for the four of us non smokers, healthy weight, non-commuters was $360 per month.  It started at $180 and went up over the course of 2 years to that.  Without us ever using it.  When we got the notice that it was going up again to $450 we cancelled.  We have only come close to the $5400 a year(assuming premiums remained the same over the past 5 years) once, and that was for the birth of our youngest daughter.  That is my story.  I am extremely thankful that we are a healthy bunch and not very accident prone.


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