Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Motivational Poster of the Week



  1. There are no words.  Oh wait, yes there are.  Atrocious.  Compelling.  Train wreck.  OH MY GOD!  What were they thinking?  Can they see that?  That poor girl.  Ummm, I could come up with more but I'll end with a thank you.  This has definitely motivated me to stay away from the twinkies for another day.

  2. Oh Lord,

    This is so sad, and I've seen similar. How in the world could parents........... (rant)

    Thanks, I guess...  *DONT_KNOW*

  3. Hi Bren,

    Yep, America is a nation of lard asses and fat fact, America leads world nations in being the most obese, and obesity is spreading amongst children of all ages in record numbers!

  4. Cosmic Navel Lint25 April 2010 at 12:58

    Thanks for the retweet, Cameron! :)

  5. Cosmic Navel Lint25 April 2010 at 12:59

    I hear ya Brook - allowing any child to deteriorate into this condition is tantamount to child abuse.

  6. Cosmic Navel Lint25 April 2010 at 13:00

    Hey Bennett, I agree completely - parenting skills were obvious not on this kid's (rather extensive) menu >:o

  7. Cosmic Navel Lint25 April 2010 at 13:04

    Hey E, how ya doing? Well I trust!

    You're very much in line with the current statistics from the World Health Organisation (WHO)'s findings on obesity in the US, along with a worrying lack of any preventative medicine, or trying to live a healthier lifestyle (i.e. through exercise and a change in diet).


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