Sunday, 4 April 2010

Teabaggers: giving "patriotism" a bad name

The Teahadists

Revisionism, alarmist jingoism, confusion, paranoia, the politics of envy, inexactitude, outright lies, threats and, frankly, an object lack of education combine to illustrate the 'movement' of self-interest.

Just tragic.

Thanks to Larry Halstead and the keen eyes of The Political Carnival for the clip!



  1. Thanks Bren!

    Again I refer to my long time fear that an anarchial movement is afoot the could make external terrorism pale by comparison. An uneducated mass lead by hateful, greedy procrastinates and I am reminded of Charles Manson and Jimmy Jones...Koolaid anyone.

    Wow...that was mellow dramatic...but sadly true.

    Thanks Bren.

  2. Thanks for posting this on "The Rant". Very interesting!

    Tom Degan

  3. Cosmic Navel Lint10 April 2010 at 16:27

    My pleasure Tom - and thanks for such a readable and cognitive blog yourself!

  4. Cosmic Navel Lint10 April 2010 at 16:30

    Thanks for the feedback Ron - always good to read your input here!

    My hope is that the Teabaggers will form their own party (haha) and run in the mid-term elections - thereby splitting the GOP vote and diluting it, allowing the Democrats to gain a majority. The fact that they, the Teabaggers, are nutters is now beyond question.

  5. Cosmic Navel Lint10 April 2010 at 17:12

    From my mouth to God's ears:

    Michelle Bachmann: Teabaggers & the GOP are "Merging"

  6. Nice, eye opening

  7. Cosmic Navel Lint12 April 2010 at 03:23

    It is, isn't it? Let's hope these people put up candidates in the mid-terms running against the GOP and split (dilute) their vote leaving the Dem's a clear majority.


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