Thursday, 1 April 2010

'Teabonics': a grammar & dictionary-free zone

These are signs seen primarily at Tea Party Protests.

They all feature "creative" spelling or grammar.

This new dialect of the English language shall be known as "Teabonics." 

 See them all at this THIS LINK

Thanks to Daniel Bukszpan for the Flickr link


  1. Hinchey's Store1 April 2010 at 22:21

    That kind of intelligence never ceases to amaze me Bren! People who care so much about language should really stop being so hypocritical... but it made me laugh a lot! Thanks for that picture!

  2. Cosmic Navel Lint2 April 2010 at 00:32

    Hey Mike,

    How's things with you over in Canada? Well I trust!

    Aye, the  picture above's a doozy aint it?! Have you seen the rest of them? There are about another 60 and some of them are just outrageously funny.


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