Saturday, 3 April 2010

Rush Limbaugh: only opens his mouth to change feet

Rush Limbaugh redefines apoplexy whilst proving his terms of reference are suspect at best - apparently “Storefront”, “factory” and “worker” are “Marxist-Leninist Terms”. Who knows, perhaps they are, in the Teabagger Dictionary...

Thanks to Media Matters for America for the clip



  1. Elizabeth @celebritiesindisgrace4 April 2010 at 00:31

    LOL on your foot quote--
    it was just observed on my blog comments that the one good thing about the rise of Glenn Beck is
    the fall of Rush Limbaugh--
    Though Sarah Palin may be Rush in lipstick... stay tuned!

  2. As always, I love the stuff from Media Matters. And have no patience for Rush Limbaugh, he is bigoted in every way -- against other races, the poor, immigrants, gays, Jews, Arabs, open-minded people, caring people --- everyone different from him!

  3. Cosmic Navel Lint4 April 2010 at 03:41

    I really hope you're right, Elizabeth: I hope Palin goes all the way and forms a third 'political' party in the US - the Teabaggers - and runs for president in 2012.

    At least then the Republican vote will show its true colours and split along its racist and narrow-minded lines of self-interest.

  4. Cosmic Navel Lint4 April 2010 at 03:43

    True, Brahm: if you're in the black for $400 million, as in Limbaugh's case, you've clearly ceased caring about the aspirations of ordinary Americans.

  5. Hello my lovely,

    Blimey, that is one hell of a tenuous rant that Rush Limbaugh has got going on there. I think I might be a bit bad, but I am quite enjoying watching the republicans making nobs of themselves over Obama's desire to progress..... particularly because when ideas are ill-conceived and poorly thought-out, they end up getting ever more fantatical! Step in Fox News! We have more breaking news! Obama is marxist!

  6. that word should say 'fantastical' - Sorry!

  7. Blimey, he sounds like the US's answer to Terre Blanche

  8. Cosmic Navel Lint4 April 2010 at 22:30

    I hear ya love - but at least the late (and not missed) Terre'blanche was a card-carrying and self-confessed racist, whereas Limbaugh is too chicken-shit to admit it and simply hides behind the stock "freedom of speech" excuse in which he and his Teabagging cronies seek refuge.

  9. Cosmic Navel Lint4 April 2010 at 22:34

    Now come on, Anne! Let's have it right! Obama is a Trotskyite, Leninist, Stalinist Fascist!

    He must be: Fox News, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh have pronounce on the matter...  :-E ;)

  10. Cosmic Navel Lint4 April 2010 at 22:37

    Don't sweat the small stuff love - we'll have you summarily flogged and sent to bed with no supper until you get it right! ;) xxx


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