Friday, 13 November 2009

Even more Twitter gags

Russia launches a nationwide campaign 2 curb excessive drinking plaguing the country. Step One: Raise the legal drinking age from zero
Saturday Night Live (SNL)

20 years since the Wall came down. On this auspicious day our thoughts go out to every member of Pink Floyd
David Schneider

Michelle Obama on Sesame St 40th anniversary show. Gets a little tense as Bert & Ernie ask why her husband's dragging his feet on gay marriage
Conan O'Brien

I like to imagine that weird flattened parting in Simon's hair is created by a lackey violently farting across it backstage before each show.
Charlie Brooker (on X-Factor's Simon Cowell)

Investigative journalist help request No:2453. Anyone got a RT on their timeline of @GaryDelaney's "Old MacDonald had Tourette's ee-i ee-i c*nt"?
David Schneider

[Carrie] Prejean sez she's been "Palin-ized", which may be defined as "having been exposed as a self-worshiping nobody with delusions of adequacy".

Michael McKean (Spinal Tap's 'David St Hubbins')

"A mule kicked Uncle Bob once. Broke his ribs. He punched it in the face.. My point? You have an ingrown fucking toenail. Stop bitching."

shitmydadsays ('Shit My Dad Says' - Justin Halpern)

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