Monday, 2 November 2009

Twitter seance, 'contacts Michael Jackson and Kurt Cobain'

You really do have to wonder, sometimes, just what kind of meds are required to corral those who believe in this voodoo into keeping a straight face: Twitter seance, 'contacts Michael Jackson and Kurt Cobain'

So we're apparently now to believe, as conveyed from being post restante on the other side, that Kurt Cobain rates Dave Grohl as a "good drummer"?

Which just begs the question: did Cobain have this same opinion when he asked Grohl to join Nirvana, back in 1990; or is this flash of post mortem largesse a direct result of him attempting to interior decorate his living room with this owns brains and a 12-gauge shotgun? I mean, just how reliable are the afterlife ramblings of people with a lamentably lax attitude to their own shotgun's safety catch?

Which still leaves us with two unanswered questions: what language do ghosts speak? And how do you like your séance? I like mine medium.



  1. Smells like teen spirits.

    The kind you drink.

  2. I like a good seance.

    But apparently, with the lights out, it's less dangerous.....

  3. A "Tweance": perhaps just another case of mediums finding yet another medium (Twitter) to punt their preferred brand of charlatanry?


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