Saturday, 7 November 2009

Recent great Twitter Gags

It's a tribute to just how shallow I am that I get a real thrill when an application tells me my password is strong.
David Schneider

Oprah may end her TV show after 25 yrs. Accountant sez he must still crunch some numbers but thinks she can safely retire by 1983
Conan O'Brien.

"Sometimes a fart is so substantial, it is itself capable of farting." Stephen Hawking
 What's my favourite element of the periodic table? The font.

Peter Serafinowicz


  1. Love the one about a substantial fart...

  2. Aye Gillian, Peter Serafinowicz can be mercilessly funny - he's in that new film, Couples Retreat - here's a link to the trailer:


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