Saturday, 21 November 2009

Mussolini's brain 'for sale on eBay'

With this news Mussolini's brain 'for sale on eBay', I pondered just what other rare and unseen possessions, from the Great and the Good, might have been purloined over the years and punted out secretly into the market for a quick profit...?

Now bear in mind that not all of these would have necessarily been missed if stolen, but here's how the list might look:

  • Gandhi's knuckle-dusters
  • The lifeboats from Noah's Ark
  • The restraining order, not to come within a 5 mile radius, filed by George W Bush's shadow
  • The view of Russia from Sarah Palin's back door
  • Mother Teresa's porn stash
  • Any factual or unbiased reportage from Fox News
  • Gordon Brown's sense of direction
  • Iraqi WMD
  • Hitler's "lost" testicle
  • Anna Nicole Smith's talent
  • The plot to 'Lost'
What would you add to the list?



    1. Served with a nice Chianti & some warm Fava beans?


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