Thursday, 12 November 2009

Fox News proves to be unseasonably bad...

Some of you may remember my earlier piece about this bastion of unvarnished fuckwittage: Can Fox News really be considered a 'News' entity?

Well, in the form of Sean Hannity, it seems that they've now gone and added grist to the mill of those who frankly can't see them as anything other than the bigots' comedy-of-errors they are - as they've committed the cardinal sin for a 'news' channel, and become the news...

So what was Hannity's mistake? Well, in the interests of accuracy, it wasn't really a 'mistake', as that implies some element of the accidental, or something not done purposely - which would be the polar opposite of what Hannity pulled.

No, his actual mistake was in thinking that those damned pinko-liberal researchers on Jon Stewart's The Daily Show would miss a puff piece about Republican protesters "teabagging" (if only the Americans knew precisely what that means in UK slang!) in Washington DC; a piece which not only cobbled together footage of two different protests, whilst trying to pass it off as being one and the same event, but they even went to the lengths of trying to get viewers to believe that they were even in the same season. A leap, even for Fox - but one doing nothing to dispel the already solid reputation of its alter ego: Faux Noise.

So, with Edward R Murrow doing cartwheels in his grave, and without further ado, here's Jon Stewart calling out Hannity's deliberate and dissembling misdirection (what in plain English is called simply 'propaganda'):

And now, in a somewhat lame and palpably insincere attempt at a Rupert Murdoch-ordered rebuttal (to say nothing of epoch-redefining disingenuousness), here's Hannity back-pedalling like a JAMF!

Now, the observant amongst you will have spotted how Hannity actually brokers a new use and sense of the adjective, inadvertent here - you'll have picked-up that he uses 'indavertent' in the sense of "I'm a lying gobshite who's now been caught out and saying any old guff to try and cover both mine, and the network's worthless arses..."

All that from just one word - and let's be honest, you would have never had Hannity down as a closet philologist, would you? Mind you, if he can't even get his seasons right, what chance the language?


  1. The double-meaning of teabagging is not unknown here in the US. Rachel Maddow, who regularly beats Hannity in the 20something-40something demographic, has had a field day mocking the Right for using that term.

  2. Thanks for the correction Kirk - duly noted mate!

  3. I'm always stunned by how much of Hannity's forehead is covered by hair. Does this mean something? Dunno.

  4. I can hear Bren's voice using the term fuckwit with extreme prejudice. I also enjoy the term douchebag or douchebagggery, but I usually save that for the likes of Rove or Bart Stupak. I will try to find a great video from the summer regarding our teabagging friends

  5. Very good of you join the party sctrojan90!

    Look forward to seeing you wares!

    I make a series of satirical 'Motivational Posters', and have a great one of Rove - let me know your blog and I'll fire it over to you.

    As for our teabagging friends, have a wee look at this thread - I think you'll enjoy it (after you've finished crying):

    The DC Tea Party - and how H.L. Mencken observed Democracy

    [PS: Mikey R, is that you in LA?]

  6. Yes! Just messing with u on the name.

  7. did you notice the big SMIRK on hannity's face as he "apologized"??? gah

  8. Cosmic Navel Lint21 November 2009 at 08:50

    And God Bless Fox, they're at it again:
    Fox News again accused of airing misleading video

    Well at least they're consistent - OK, consistently bad, but consistent :)


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